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MSV Tennis Strings & Grips was founded by Dr. Karl E. Mauve. This rising German based company provides top quality tennis string at a great price.


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MSV launches Australian site

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to the new website for MSV Strings & Grips in Australia. MSV have a great range of affordable strings and grips where it is clearly evident that quality has not been compromised. Read More

Players Thoughts

  • "I’ve been playing Luxilon Big Banger for about 5 years. MSV Focus HEX strings are better than Luxilon in every category."
  • "Stringing was very easy because of the hex shape. Very good on all of my rackets, now currently strung on my Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200. Gave me plenty of control with a lot of spin potential and very good feel. Definitely buying another reel next year. Durability was really good for the price."
  • "Wow so crisp. Strings don't move around and plays with incredible spin. Very comfortable considering it's a poly.
    I hybrided this with Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 17 and it plays better than anything else I've tried. So much power, spin, control, and feel."
  • "At first I bought only couple of sets to try it. After 2 months of testing it became my favorite string. It is very precise and powerful. Spin potential is out of this world. I recommend stringing it at low tensions around 50-52 lbs to get the best performance."
  • "Compared to the Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 1.25 -
    Despite the fact that Luxilon is a great string, the MSV Focus HEX wins in the feel and price departments."
  • "I tried this string due to its announced comfort and the price/performance ratio. Strung as recommended by Dr. Mauve. Played outdoors during great weather on clay.
    Since the string played so great, I did not get off the court for 5.5 hours, and after this time the strings had not moved. Definitely my new favorite! "



"I have used MSV Focus - HEX® (gauge 1.18mm) for 5 years now and I have found it to be the best poly to compliment the gut. It has great balance between feel and power and I especially like it for the serve and volley game. I wish I was aware of it when I was on tour." "

Pat Rafter
Former world no.1 and Australian Davis Cup Captain

"I have played with many different strings in my career and seen many changes in string technology. Since the polys have come to market, I found MSV to be one of the leaders in string technology. It is fairly priced in the market and should be a welcome addition in any elite level or social level players racquet."

Sandon Stolle
Former top 50 ATP Singles Player & world no.2 ATP Doubles Player

"I have been using MSV Focus - HEX for approximately 6 years now. In that time, I have managed to win more than 30 AMT singles titles and the feel and playability of the string has allowed me to keep up with some of the young guns. The Focus - HEX provides ample power and spin and seems to be easy on the arm for a poly string. I have recommended it to many players who now enjoy the benefits of MSV string and will continue to do so."

Mark Draper
Former top 150 ATP Player